Get to know the Founder

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Get to know the Founder

I always dreamed of owning and running my own financial services business from when I was a young teenager. Since then I’ve worked in and around the financial services industry for most of the past 18 years and during that time also owned and run my own mortgage brokerage practice.

Second to this was moving to Canada. I was one of the few Australians who grew up playing ice hockey and skiing. Canada was always my dream and the Canucks were my team.

After falling in love with my wife to be I relocated to Vancouver, Canada from Australia in November 2015 and shortly thereafter sold my mortgage broking business back in Australia.

In 2016 I became very interested in Participating Whole Life Insurance, strange as that may sound. This type of insurance is not in Australia, I was totally intrigued by its power as hybrid of long-term savings, investment and insurance rolled into one amazing product.

After re-entering the financial planning space in 2018 I realized the powerful application this type of insurance has when applied at an early age for children and how it can totally transform a child’s financial future. Once I had solidified this vision, I had no option but to pursue it with all I have and from this desire, ChildLife Financial was born. I now dedicate my full efforts to educating and empowering parents on how they can best prepare their child for a successful financial life.