Child Fund

Child Fund is a “Participating” whole life insurance plan for children.
It’s a flexible option for parents and grandparents to invest in that will give their child a real head start in life, the freedom to pursue their dreams and a plan that will transform their financial future.

Key features….

  • Child Fund is guaranteed to increase in value ever year
  • Child Fund’s guaranteed cash value grows tax free from day one
  • Child Fund provides an annual tax-free dividend for your Child’s entire life

Your child can use Child Fund toward

  • Any education program around the world
  • Choice is important
  • A down payment on their first home 
  • We all dream of owning a home one day
  • Funding their own business start-up
  • The dream of working for yourself
  • Other wealth generating investments
  • Diversifying investments is important
  • Security for a loan
  • We all need to borrow money from time to time
  • Saving toward their future
  • Giving them a head start
Family boy and son - child fund

What you need to know

  • Child Fund is the only tax-free investment that parents and grandparents can make for their child or grandchild that can be used for any purpose
  • Child Fund can be opened as early as 14 days after birth
  • You own Child Fund until such time as you feel your child is responsible enough to use it properly
  • You can transfer Child Fund free of any tax consequences to your child any time after they turn 18. This keeps the control with you until you feel they are ready
  • So long as you are a close family relative. i.e. parent, grandparent, uncle, aunty or legal guardian, you can open a Child Fund plan.
  • Child Fund is a whole life insurance plan meaning your child will be permanently covered for life
  • Child Fund perfectly mirrors the period of time parents are typically responsible for a Child’s life, the first 20 years. Child Fund will be permanently funded after 20 years, no further deposits will ever be required.
  • Child fund can be used as security for a loan. This is one of the best long-term features and benefits of Child Fund. This can save your child tens of thousands of dollars in lost interest throughout their life

Personalize your
Child Fund

You can personalize a Child Fund plan, simply complete the following form with some basic details to see how much cash value your child or grandchild will have to use toward their future.

Request A Child Fund Illustration

*Illustrations are based on the
annual premium amount

Child Fund Sample Illustration

$225 per month

21$67,932 (Education)$514,239
28$105,881 (House Deposit)$678,375
35$162,702 (Start a Business)$831,784
45$286,243 (Financial Security)$1,065,363
65$816,021 (Retirement Income)$1,651,620
90$2,419,988 (Legacy for Family)$2,853,487

This is a Sample Illustration based on a monthly deposit of $225 for twenty years, commencing before the child turns 1. The cash and life insurance amounts are based on the current dividend scale of 6.20% from a leading Canadian Life Insurance Company. Please note, this example is for illustration purposes only, the annual dividend scale values may differ and are not guaranteed.