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A holistic financial plan for your child's future

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About ChildLife Financial

ChildLife Financial is a financial planning firm dedicated to creating financial opportunities for children as they transition to becoming young adults and throughout the various stages of their life.

We educate and empower parents and grandparents on how to invest safely and predictably for their child or grandchild’s future. The creation of ChildLife Financial was inspired by the realization that it is not only post-secondary education that we need to prepare our children for, but for life itself: for all the opportunities and obstacles that one faces as they become adults and particularly the financial challenges that we all come up against.

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Why Choose Us

ChildLife Financial is dedicated to helping families create a life filled with flexibility, choice and financial security for their children as they transition to becoming adults and throughout their whole life.

Child Financial Planning Specialists

We educate, inspire and empower parents and grandparents around how to prepare for their child or grandchild’s financial future so that they start life in the best way possible and are set up for success from day one.

Safe & Secure

We provide a long-term savings, investment and insurance program that is safe and secure. Child Fund grows tax free and is guaranteed to always increase in value.

Control & Flexibility

Through Child Fund, we’ve created a program that families can invest in for their children and grandchildren that provides the greatest level of control and flexibility for the family and the child. Your family controls what and how the money you have saved can be used.

Personalize your
Child Fund

You can personalize a Child Fund plan, simply complete the following form with some basic details to see how much cash value your child or grandchild will have to use toward their future.

Request A Child Fund Illustration

*Illustrations are based on the
annual premium amount

Child Fund Sample Illustration

$225 per month

21$67,932 (Education)$514,239
28$105,881 (House Deposit)$678,375
35$162,702 (Start a Business)$831,784
45$286,243 (Financial Security)$1,065,363
65$816,021 (Retirement Income)$1,651,620
90$2,419,988 (Legacy for Family)$2,853,487

This is a Sample Illustration based on a monthly deposit of $225 for twenty years, commencing before the child turns 1. The cash and life insurance amounts are based on the current dividend scale of 6.20% from a leading Canadian Life Insurance Company. Please note, this example is for illustration purposes only, the annual dividend scale values may differ and are not guaranteed.

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